HOUSTON--The race between incumbent Pat Lykos and former judge Mike Anderson is arguably the most heated primary race in Harris County.

Lykos, whose first term as district attorney is drawing to a close, was campaigning until the end. When Lykos took office in 2009, the position had been left in shambles by disgraced former D.A. Chuck Rosenthal.

She successfully campaigned as a reformer, and now, four years later, she says confidence has been restored in an office once marred by scandal.

We have done wonderful things with child exploitation, going after pedophiles. The animal cruelty unit we ve established. We re getting a new crime lab. Every promise I ve made, I ve kept. We prosecuted more capital murders last year than in the history of the office, said Lykos.

Lykos started out as a Houston police officer, worked her way through law school and spent many years serving as a judge.

Mike Anderson is a former state district judge and he s a former assistant district attorney. Now, he wants Pat Lykos' job.

He believes that Lykos has driven down morale as the top prosecutor and driven out many other experienced prosecutors and he strongly disagrees with her administrative style.

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