HOUSTON A man who was wanted in Louisiana was arrested in northeast Houston Friday morning after he stabbed his ex-girlfriend s friends, then kidnapped and held the woman at knifepoint all night.Only KHOU 11 News was on the scene when the suspect was taken into custody.

Troy Philson, 47, has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of kidnapping.

Police said the suspect is a career criminal with a history of beating his girlfriend.He was angry because she tried to finally end their volatile relationship and tracked her down at her friend s home.That is when things got violent.

So he put the knife to her neck and drug her off and told her he was going to kill her last night, said Stephen Brown, a witness.

When the woman s two friends tried to stop him from taking her, he stabbed them with a screwdriver, according to police. Philsonthen allegedly took her to a vacant apartment, which is where police found him holding her against her will in a storage closet.

He had his hand around her mouth, with a knife to her throat, telling her if she said anything, he was going to kill her, Brown explained. Neighbors spotted the two and told police where to find the couple.

Police said their quick-thinking actions could possibly have saved her life. We had reports from the neighbors nearby that they had seen him on foot with the female walking around so we were able to apprehend him and take him into custody without incident, said a police spokesperson.

The woman was not hurt.

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