HOUSTON A young man with no prior history of trouble with the law blames Houston police for injuries he sustained during his arrest for DWI two weeks ago.

I thought they were supposed to protect and serve but not beat you, said Matthew Carvin, a 20-year-old college student from Humble.

Carvin said he was a passenger in a car returning home from a house party when the trouble began. He admitted he had consumed a lot of alcohol and doesn t remember much, but said he was uninjured when police pulled over the vehicle he was traveling in.

The next thing I know, I was handcuffed and I was bleeding. I wasn t bleeding before this, but I was bleeding after the cops came to my side, he said.

According to a probable cause affidavit, police had stood the driver up and were questioning him when they saw Carvin leaping into the driver s seat. The tires began to spin and they ordered Carvin to surrender. The arresting officer said Carvin was already bleeding from a laceration on his lip.

Houston police dropped him off at the Montgomery County Jail. Sheriff s deputies took him to the hospital where doctors treated him for an apparent concussion and stitched up his wounds.

Pictures taken the next day show his badly swollen face, a black eye and bloody shirt. The family s attorney plans to fight the DWI charge and said he may file suit against HPD.

This was a completely unprovoked incident, said attorney Sam Cammack. I think it s systemic. I think it s a problem that s rampant throughout some of these police departments.

The family has filed a formal complaint against HPD. Houston police have launched an internal affairs investigation.

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