HOUSTON From the beginning, the videotaped Houston police beating involving Chad Holley it has been a case about powerful pictures and now a newly released video shows the teenager in another light.

The caught on video beating of Holley by several HPD officers led to the firing of four officers and criminal charges against them. The video of the incident also sparked many protests and even more after one officer who was involved was found not guilty.

A video shown to the jury that found Andrew Blomberg not guilty shows Holley displaying what appears to be gang signs.

Publically, Holley has said he is not affiliated with a gang, but on the tape he says: This is for all of my Westside Gs, When you guys see me on the news.

This video was taken on the day Chad Holley testified before the Grand Jury. It was testimony that led to the indictment of the four officers.

In the video Holley is shown walking on a downtown street wearing a dress shirt.

Making this press conference. Making me sweat, Chad Holley said in the video, which was shot on a cell phone by a friend of his. I gotta change anyway. You know me. Keeping it gangster.

This video was not the only other evidence seen by the jury, they also saw still pictures of Holley showing what the defense says is a gang sign.

The video was introduced by Blomberg s defense team in an attempt to paint Holley as something other than a victim.

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