GALVESTON, Texas An HPD officer has been relieved of duty after a violent fight outside a Galveston bar, police said.

It happened around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 2300 block of The Strand.

When Galveston police arrived at the scene, they found two victims one who d been stabbed and another who d been pistol-whipped.

Witnesses said the whole thing started when Miles Dumas, an off-duty HPD officer, started talking to a group of men and women inside the bar.

One of those men, Colton, who asked KHOU 11 News to use only his first name, said when one of his friends commented that Dumas had earrings, Dumas exposed himself.

He said, That s not all I have pierced, pulled up his shirt and shows some of his piercings. Then he goes, says his privates are pierced and pulls his privates out, Colton said.

That prompted bar staff to escort Dumas out the door, but Colton said he didn t stay gone long.

He comes back into the bar, flashing his pistol around, saying he was an HPD officer, Colton said.

Bar staff escorted Dumas out a second time, and about 15 minutes later, Colton said he and his friends left.

But Colton said Dumas and his two buddies were waiting for them outside.

Colton said Dumas pointed his gun at them and said, I bet you ll think twice before messing with a police officer.

Then, Dumas reportedly handed the weapon to a friend, who used it to whip Colton in the head.

I knew immediately what happened. My jaw was over here ... I was missing some teeth, Colton said. I m gonna have some plates inserted into my jaw. I m not sure if I m going to have my jaw wired shut or not.

When Colton s friend tried to intervene, he was stabbed. Both Colton and the other victim were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Dumas and his two friends fled the scene, but turned themselves in to police later Wednesday morning.

Dumas was charged with indecent exposure and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Charges were pending against the second suspect, and a third man, Michael Brady, was charged with failure to report a felony, police said.

HPD officials said Dumas had only been with the force for just over a year.

He was relieved of duty Wednesday afternoon.

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