HOUSTON A woman is accused of killing another woman and taking her baby in an effort to cover up a miscarriage, and the victim s family is trying to make sense of it all.

Kala Golden s family said she lived for her kids and died trying to defend her newborn son.

My daughter was brutally murdered protecting her baby, said Linda Golden.

Witnesses said Kala argued with the kidnapper and was shot several times, but still she tried to get her baby out of the attacker s car. The driver ran over her while getting away, police said.

The mother s husband of three years said if the suspect, Verna McClain, did this allegedly because of a miscarriage, then Kala knew all about that kind of heartbreak.

My wife, herself, she s had you know miscarriages, She didn t run off and go [take] someone else s baby, take someone s life, you know, said Keith Schuchardt.

Kala Golden had a son from a previous union, a toddler with Keith Schuchardt and then came their newborn baby boy.

A family friend said Kala Golden was Keith Schuchardt s rock.

He was a wild kid, but he s really, I m very proud of him. He s done very well the last few years, said Dean Burrell. He s holding up remarkably well. He knows he s a dad, and he s got to continue to be a dad and he s basically all they have left.

Now Schuchardt is left planning his wife s funeral.

I love you. I wish you were here to help me through this, he said about this wife.

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