VICTORIA, Texas A 4-year-old boy who disappeared Sunday night has been found dead in Victoria.

A neighbor found the body of Kylar Johnson in his backyard around 10:30 Monday morning.Evidence shows the child was mauled to death by a pit bull kept chained in the neighbor's yard.

The Victoria County sheriffbelieves Kylar wondered into the mostly-fenced yard about half a mile from his home.

Unfortunately, we will never know. But we know he went cross country, cross the open pasture into this residence, said Sheriff T. Michael O Connor. This is a very unfortunatecircumstance that we all willhave to contend with for some time to come.

Cole Johnson, the child s father, said Kylar was playing in the yard Sunday night while he washed his car nearby. Johnson said he looked up around 8 p.m. and the boy was gone.

Neighbors and other volunteersfanned out across the rural area Sunday night and searched until dawn.

Search dogs were also used Sunday night andMonday morning.

Neighbors wereheartbrokento hearKylar's bodyhad been found.

And just knowing that the little kid is not there anymore isdevastating, said one man.

The owner of the dog that apparently killed Kylarjoined in the search for him and is reportedly distraught. He owns as many as 10 pit bulls.

Neighbors say Kylar has been found wandering alone through the neighborhood before.

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