FLORENCE, Texas -- Some call it competition, others entertainment, and the title of the YouTube video calls it like it is -- women's oil wrestling.

It's actually clean fun except it's in baby oil, said Hardtails Bar and Grillowner Martha Edwards.

For the past four months the event has drawn hundreds to Hardtails in Georgetown.

We have different people who come out and see it -- men, women, old people, as well as young people, explained Edwards.

Last Wednesday it even drew a local school teacher. Florence High School Volleyball Coach Joanna Hensleybeat out five others for a cash prize of around $200 and bragging rights.

A week after wrestling, Hensley found what happened in Georgetown doesn't stay there. Her victory landed her on the front page of the local paper for everyone in Florence to read.

Local parent Rachel Smith was one of many surprised by the photo.

She's out on her own time, away from her schoolI really don't see a problem with it at all, said Smith.

FlorenceIndependent School District did see a problem and immediately placed Hensley on administrative leave. Superintendent Karla Moyer emailed KVUEsaying, The district's focus is on the continued education and development of its students which cannot be accomplished without the dedication and devotion of the many employees of Florence ISD who serve as role models and leaders for our students.

Inside Florence Hair Emporium, family friend Warren Earp agreed being a teacher changes things.

I still think a lot of her, smiled Earp. I just think maybe she made an incorrect decision in putting herself in that position.

Whether she'll keep her teaching position is now up to a district investigation. One key factor the investigation will examine will be a contract requiring employees to maintain good rapport with colleagues and the community.

Hensley spoke to KVUENews at length Fridayafternoon over the phone and released this statement: I approached the event as a competition andI was raised believing you always play to win, just asI encourage my student athletes to do. I look forward to the future when life as normal may resume.

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