SPRING, Texas A 22-year-old Spring man was facing charges Monday after investigators said he took his 3-year-old child with him on a shoplifting trip to Walmart.

Matthew James Wolski is charged with child endangerment.

According to court documents, Wolski walked into a Walmart in the 1300 block of Fry Road on January 16, 2012, pushing a cart with the child inside.

Investigators said Wolski put several items in his cart and then walked past the registers without paying.

Three loss-prevention officers stopped Wolski in the parking lot and escorted him back to the Loss Prevention Office, court documents said.

One of the officers was holding Wolski s arm, while the other two pushed the cart with the child in it.

But once they got back to the office, investigators said Wolski broke free from the officers, grabbed the child and ran out to his silver, late-model Impala.

Investigators said Wolski threw the kid in the back of the car without restraining him in a child-safety seat and sped away from the scene.

The next day, investigators said they responded to a home-invasion call, and one of the witnesses in the case was Wolski.

The Harris County deputy who was working that scene said he recognized Wolski as the suspect in the Walmart theft.

The deputy said the witness driver s license identified him as Wolski, and the same car and child were present at the home-invasion scene.

Charges were filed against Wolski on January 19, 2012.

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