ANGLETON, Texas Authorities have arrested a man accused of killing an elderly man and leaving his wife in critical condition after a double stabbing in Angleton on Saturday.

James Harris, Jr., 52, has been charged with murder.

Authorities said Harris was hired by 85-year old Alton Wilcox and his 69-year old wife Darla to do occasional yard work.

On Saturday afternoon, he reportedly stopped by their house in the 800 block Tinsley to ask for money.

Angleton Sergeant Kirk Coleman says Harris confessed to the crime after being brought in for questioning.

He said his intention was not to kill them he just needed the money, says Coleman.

According to investigators, Harris claimed that Mrs. Wilcox got feisty and he ended up pulling out a pocket knife.

Police tell us the couple pleaded with the man and even put up a fight.

He heard her screaming and he joined in to help his wife and (Harris) says he was basically fighting them off, says Coleman.

After stabbing both multiple times, officers say Harris got away with a little more than $400.

Harris reportedly stole the couple s car too and drove back to the motel where he was living to pay his rent and get the padlock off the door.

Harris neighbors were surprised by the news too.

It s a real big shock to us you never know what somebody s capable of, says neighbor Chelle Monroe. He was a real good person we couldn t believe that he did that.

The couple was airlifted to the hospital, where Alton Wilcox later died. His wife remains in critical condition.

Angleton s interim City Manager Patti Worfe went to church with the Wilcox s.

They were a very, very kind couple, just the kind of people that would do anything for anyone, says Worfe. It s a real tragedy for us here today.

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