HOUSTON A group of community activists is demanding that Quanell X refund more than $42,000 to people who went to him for help, claiming he betrayed the trust of his own community.

Calling itself a Community Council, the group formed in November after the I-Team aired multiple stories from nearly two dozen people who paid Quanell X, but said they got little to nothing in return.

Sharon Faniel is one of them. Seeking help with her son s criminal case, she gave her trust --and half of her retirement savings -- to the community activist. But $8,000 and five years later, she said she got nowhere.

I m hoping to get my money back, she said, heading into the S.H.A.P.E Community Center Tuesday night, where the group announced its findings and recommendations after a six-week investigation.

There was unacceptable business practices, there were unfulfilled promises, said Minister Robert Muhammad.

He said the community council is asking Quanell X for an apology to the 18 people who filed complaints, and a refund of more than $42,000.

We cannot allow any member of the conscious community to be associated with charges of fraud or misrepresentation, Muhammad said.

But there could be a problem. The panel indicated Quanell X has not been entirely cooperative during the process of mediating complaints.

He was asked to come here today he s not here, said organizer Crystal Muhammad.

It is up to Quanell at this point to step forward and do the right thing, she said.

So far, the panel confirmed Quanell X has made restitution to only one person. As for the other alleged victims, there s no guarantee they ll ever see a dime.

I don t know, I just don t know, said Helen Bernard on whether she had confidence in the council s ability to persuade Quanell X to make refunds.

At least they re trying to get our money back, you know, added Whitney Valeri.

As for Sharon Faniel and her retirement savings, she is just trying to hold on.

I m upset right now, but I m just holding my patience, that s all I can do right now, she said.

More than five years of patience is long enough.

The community council said it will continue to pressure Quanell X to make others whole. Quanell X did not return calls from the I-Team.

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