SUGAR LAND, Texas -- Nearly a dozen students will stand outside Clements High School with signs around their necks as punishment for breaking into the school.

Their signs will read What I did was a crime not a prank.

In all, 16 students were accused of breaking into the school building as part of a senior prank in May.

Their plan was to chain some desks to lockers, but it backfired. The alarm sounded, and three students were arrested.

Brian Warshauer, 18; Ali Lilani, 17; and Taylor Ashford, 18, were all charged with burglary of a building, evading arrest and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey threw out those charges. Instead, each teen was charged with criminal trespassing.

According to Healey, 13 other students turned themselves in after their classmates were arrested.

Late last week, 11 of those students agreed to a plea that included probation and wearing the sign.

Each one will have to walk around campus for four hours with the sign around their neck. The poster board and markers will be provided by the district attorney s office.

The three named suspects, and two others have court appearances scheduled for later dates.

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