HOUSTON-- A student Facebook page was removed late Tuesday after the Spring Branch Independent School District has launched an investigation into the site.

Bullying ran rampant on the Spring Woods Book page with insensitive comments and pictures. Dora Alejandro s daughter was featured on the SLUTS section of the site.

It made me mad, Alejandro said. I even wanted to cry, and I know the way the Internet is. Everybody sees it.

Her 17-year old daughter Miracle Camero got emails and warnings from friends a few days ago that her picture was posted.

They put me under slut and they called me the B word and said that I was stuck up and that I'm all over guys that give me a second look, Camero said.

We don't know who created the page, but it featured lots of students from Spring Woods High School. The page was getting around and was at the center of a district-wide investigation.

Cyber bullying expert Maryln Appelbaum said parents need to keep a closer eye on what their children are looking at and posting.

Here is the thing, parents have got to monitor their kids on the Internet and on their cell phone, Appelbaum said. They've got to monitor them. It s that kind of world where bullying from the playground has come into the home.

Camero decided she wouldn t let the page bother her.

I laughed about it and I told them thank you for using a pretty picture of me, Camero said.

SBISD launched an investigation into who started the page and planned to take appropriate action against any student responsible.

District officials also contacted Facebook and asked the social networking site to take the page down.

Camero s mother agreed that the Spring Woods Book needed to go.

I think it should be taken off, Alejandro said. Really, I do.

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