HOUSTON -- Texas is considering a specialty license plate that would feature the Confederate flag. The idea is to honor Texans who fought in the Civil War, but some people say they are offended by the idea.

It brings back the anger from which it stands for -- the Civil War -- and I don't think it should be allowed, said Donald Dunaway.

But Russel Evans, another driver, disagreed.

Everybody wants to say something is wrong with one thing after another. I mean where do you draw the line? he asked.

The Confederate flag is about the size of a baseball on the Texas license plate. The Texas Sons of Confederate Veterans designed the plate and says the goal is to remember Texans who died fighting in the Civil War.

All the plates you see on Texas cars must first be approved by the state. A board has already considered this plate once, but has not yet approved it. It will reconsider it in a few months.

Houston Pastor James Nash says he hopes it isn t approved.

It shouldn't be because it s still offensive to a lot of people, he said.

Other Houstonians said they feel people should have a choice.

I personally don't believe in it myself, but other people might, said Guillermo Sanchez.

Several states already offer license plates that display Confederate flags.

The president of the state's NAACP chapter said the flag on Texas license plates would be humiliating and demeaning.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles say you can email the agency with comments and suggestions at Click on email us and select the Vehicle and Title Registration from the drop down box.

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