CLEVELAND, Texas -- Cleveland police and Texas Rangers are still trying to connect the dots in a sex assault investigation that involves more than 10 different suspects who allegedly raped a middle school student.

As that investigation continues, many have wondered what would lead a group of people to commit such a crime.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, a girl -- believed to be between 11 and 14 years old -- was reportedly sexually assaulted by a group of males in an abandoned trailer.

That trailer is just two doors down from Joe Harrison.

11-year-old child ain t nothing but a baby, Harrison said, shaking his head.

Cleveland ISD said the investigation is still growing, and more suspects are being questioned.

The way I heard it, it was like 13 to 15, Harrison said.

Dr. Sam Buser specializes in the psychology of men.

He said gang rape is a mob mentality.

He suspected only one or two members of the group would have committed a rape on his own, but the rest got drawn in.

Follow the leader, Buser said.

He said when crimes are committed by a group, there s a feeling of anonymity.

I m sort of anonymous. I m not doing it personally. I m involved with a group that s doing it, Buser said.

Since rape is about power and anger, Buser said he suspects the suspects involved likely feel powerless.

[They may be] unable to find work meaningful work or not doing well in their social lives, he said. They re likely to be people who were abandoned by their fathers or perhaps even felt unloved by their fathers in their lives.

Authorities have been investigating several students at Cleveland High School. They ve also confiscated cell phones that were reportedly used to record the incident.

Buser said the recording was meant to impress others.

It s all a sobering diagnosis especially for neighbors like Harrison who want the case solved.

If they don t do nothing about it, there s gonna be another one, another one and another one, he said.

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