FRIENDSWOOD, Texas Five people were arrested Friday when officers raided a home in Friendswood containing drugs.

The raid happened around 2:00 p.m. in the 16600 block of Barcelona.

Friendswood Police said they were serving a search and arrest warrant on 32-year-old Deric Epps. Upon entering the house, police found Epps jumping through a window. After a short foot chase, Epps was apprehended. Three other men in the house were taken into custody. A fifth man police saw leaving the house as they arrived was later detained.

During the search, police found copious amounts of narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and a gun.

Police seized over 1,300 grams of liquid codeine, 1.5 pounds of marijuana, 57 grams of cocaine and 12 Ecstasy pills, among others.

Other than Epps, those arrested were Cole Dockall, Jeremy Brock, Thomas May and David Tucker.

The arrests were part of an investigation into the sale of narcotics from the home.

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