ELLIS COUNTY A 16-year-old capital murder case once thought solved has suddenly grown cold again.

Two suspects who were arrested have been released from the Ellis County jail.

After a review of the case, we have not found sufficient evidence to present this case to the grand jury, Ellis County assistant district attorney Don Maxfield told News 8.

In August, police arrested Larry Samples, 62, and Galen Boyd, 49, for capital murder in the deaths of a 53-year-old grandmother and her toddler grandson.

Police said money was the motive for the murder of Robbie Biggar and her 23-month-old grandson, Kasey Roberts.

Samples, a long-time suspect, was Biggar s boyfriend and had been convicted for forging her name on a check.

In March 1994, Biggar s beaten body was discovered in a rural Ellis County field. Court documents said the suspects took her at gunpoint from a Lancaster Walmart and drove her to a remote field near the Super Collider construction site.

The arrest warrant affidavit said the men didn t realize her grandson was in the back seat until they were on the road.

After killing Biggar, police said the men drove the car to an apartment complex parking lot and left the child inside. Kasey died from exposure to the heat.

They dumped her in a ditch like nothing like a piece of trash, said Jennie Biggar, Kasey s step grandmother. She has been seeking justice in the case for years.

Nobody deserves that, she said. Kasey didn t even get a chance to live.

For years, the case remained unsolved.

Suddenly, in 2009 15 years after the crime Ellis County investigators announced the arrests. Two former girlfriends of Boyd s told deputies he had confided in them about the murders, court documents revealed.

I was very relieved, Jennie Biggar said. In fact, I cried, because I thought at least we re finally going to get some justice.

However, prosecutors decided the witness statements weren t strong enough. There was no physical evidence linking the men to the deaths, and so a few months after their arrests Samples and Boyd were freed.

When they were released from jail, I'm sure they were laughing all the way out the door, Biggar said.

Prosecutors consider the case still open and under investigation. They hope to present the case to a grand jury once deputies find more evidence.

However, for friends and family members, hope of justice is fading.

It bugs me two beautiful people, that lightened every door they came through, are gone, but two people like this are still on the street, Biggar said. Now it looks like nobody is going to pay.


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