HOUSTON I know it s hard to get into the NBA playoffs this season, what with the Rockets not being in them an all.

But, really, this is the best time of the year for the NBA. And, if you like basketball, then why wouldn t you watch any of this at the end of the day?

I have been watching them and two things, questions I should say, really stick out in my mind. The first being, why in the world do 16 teams make it? And second, why are we doing this 7 game first round series non-sense?

I know the answer to both is money. Common, I wasn t born yesterday. But doesn t it seem a little ridiculous to anyone else that the playoffs take two months to complete? I mean the Boys of Winter are still playing in the freakin summer!

Sure, more basketball is never a bad thing, but when more basketball involves teams that shouldn t even be in the playoffs to begin with, then I have a problem with that.

While it was great to see Charlotte finally make it, do they really belong? Did the Bulls stand a chance against Cleveland? Do we really need to see them lose 4 times instead of 3? Wouldn t the end result be the same...they lose?

Let s just go back to a five game series in the first round, like the good ol days and finish this thing up a lot faster.

After five games, we should know who the better team is. No one ever comes back from 3-1 so why not just end it there?

The ol might dollar that s why. Once this thing went to seven and the big wigs saw that they would get a little extra coin in their pockets, there was no way that it was ever going back to five.

But think about it, wasn t it great to see Denver knock of Seattle in that five game set back in the 90 s? The drama is higher, the pressure is greater and honestly, you see better basketball from the start. Now, teams that go up 3-1, especially the lower seeded ones can just mail in Game 5 because they know the series is going back home and they can close it out there.

NBA, let s just go back to the five game format, and maybe shrink the playoff field a little bit so the season means a little something...and you guys don t play until June.

I mean, who doesn t want to hit the beaches a little earlier right?

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