HOUSTON - Bellaire city leaders met on Monday with their newly hired defense attorney after a Bellaire officer shot 23-year-old .

Bellaire leaders meet to discuss shooting
January 12, 2009

Since the shooting, serious questions have been raised about why the officer had stopped Tolan.

Tolan's lawyers were not present at the meeting and he has not filed a lawsuit. But the city has received a letter from his attorneys asking that they preserve all evidence from the shooting.

Outside Bellaire City Hall, a local couple, who have been residents of Bellaire for 38 years, said they were concerned.

"I feel frustrated," said Elaine Riquelmy, Bellaire resident. "I do think we need justice for the Tolan's and every other minority in town."

Meanwhile, council members, the mayor and other city leaders voted to go behind closed doors to discuss the situation.

"The Bellaire community is upset. A lot of people are speaking out. They think this is racial profiling," said Pamela Howard, Bellaire resident.

That's exactly what Robbie Tolan's attorneys believe was behind the shooting that happened outside of Tolan's home.

Since then, many people have come forward with claims of being racially profiled themselves.

"I hang out with mostly black people and Hispanic people. The cops are mostly white. Every time they stop us, they think we have something on us, or they think we did something," said Angel Silva, Bellaire resident.

The city has acknowledged that there have been a few complaints of racial profiling over the years, but the assistant police chief said he doesn't believe that's the reason behind the Tolan shooting.

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