HOUSTON-What does a mom do when the last of the kids have left the nest? She starts a blog, of course, that lists dozens of great and little-known money-saving tips.

Saving Cents: California mom's blog helps you do more with less
May 27, 2009

That's what Lori Felix of the Los Angeles area did when her daughter went off to college. Her blog is called "More With Less Today" at

Readers send her tips from all over the nation. She checks them out and posts the best ones.

Felix said her all-time favorite tip came from a woman in Utah.

The tip was about a site called "Short Cuts" at

Felix said it will change the way you shop for groceries.

"So you register your club card online on this shortcuts Web site and then you click, click, click on all the coupons you think you might need. I call it, 'Coupons with no clippings.' When you swipe thatclub card at the end of your grocery shopping, those coupons automatically come off your bill," Felix said.

Felix's blog also shows how anyone under the age of 26 can get really cheap trips to Europe. It's through a site called S-T-A Travel at A current round-trip flight to London, Paris or Madrid is offered for $393. When 11 News checked the major airlines Wednesday, the cheapest round-trip flight was $921.

An agent at S-T-A Travel said the deals are offered to students and teachers to promote international educational exchanges and international exposure for students, but a spokesman said anyone under the age of 26 is eligible for the discounts.

Students must be at least 12 years old. Teachers can be any age to use S-T-A Travel discounts. They just need to be full-time teachers who've been in the profession for a full year.

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