HOUSTON -- It's Food Truck Friday and if you're craving food with attitude, we've got the truck for you.

Chef Don Schoenburg used to build restaurants and now, he s in charge of a restaurant on wheels he calls Gastro Punk.

A gastropunk, if you look up the definition is a food snob, and I m really snobby when it comes to food, he said.

The former contractor-turned-chef uses local ingredients in unusual ways.

The so-called Dork Burger is a fan favorite it gets its name from its unexpected ingredients.

It s 50 percent ground duck, which we get from Maple Leaf Farms, and 50 percent ground pork, he said.

The patties get topped with some fancy fixings, including caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon, and swiss cheese.

But for a walk on the sweet side just talk to Don s wife Christi --also a trained chef-- who creates Gastro Punk s desserts.

Today we have a strawberry shortcake with a basil infused whipped cream and a meringue kiss, she said.

Christi and Don love food truck life and the reason is simple: freedom.

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