HOUSTON -- Jonathan's The Rub has been open for six years now. He is known for dishes like red fish and shrimp and Hill Country chicken and shrimp. He said the dish is a bit kicked up.

Jonathan Levine is originally from Brooklyn but he cooks with southwest, Creole and Italian flare. He describes it as New Houston cuisine.

Mike Makris is one of the many regulars at the quaint spot near Memorial City Mall.

There's a lot of love here, said Makris. There is a lot of warmth, sincerity, a lot of love.

Makris is also known as Mike the Greek.

I'm from Sparta, said Makris. I m in pretty good shape considering I'm an old guy.

He was in pretty good shape. Surprising, considering how rich the food is. It s so rich the menu includes a mac and cheeseburger with bacon.

The coconut cream pie is so good people actually text each other when it's in stock because it sells out so quickly.

What about the restaurant's name?

We had to invent the rub after we came up with the name, said Levine. The name comes from Shakespeare, comes from Hamlet's soliloquy.

Levine admits to being a little bit of a character, but when he's in the kitchen, the self-taught guy from Brooklyn is a brilliant chef.

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