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HOUSTON A Houston woman found five neglected puppiesdumped like trash in a plastic Tupperware-like container at TC Jester Park.

We heard some barking, said Christina Uticone.

As Uticone walked through the park that day she spotted a small plastic bin and when she looked inside she found five small helpless puppies staring right back at her.

Itold my husband, I said, Josh, there s a dog, no there s two three, no there s four, and then five came out, said Uticone. I was in shock.

The puppies in the plastic bin had been just dumped.

Dumped like trash, like adorable wiggly puppy trash. Who does that? I don t know, said Uticone.

And the Labrador-mixed litter wasn t doing well. They were malnourished and they had burns down the length of their back. They were too weak to go anywhere.

They were covered in fleas, infested with fleas, said Uticone.

Forty-eight hours since they were dumped, thanks to Uticone, the puppies are bouncing back. Now they all have names. There s Buddy, Claire, Silver, Bray and Sugar. He s already in a foster home.

It s been an incredible 48 hours, said Uticone.

And the puppies are getting a lot of attention. On Monday, KHOU cameras tagged along for the puppies first tripto the vet. They wereweighed, tested andpampered.

They re thin, but they ll catch up fast, said Dr. Tracy McAdoo with Washington Heights Vet Clinic.

The puppies should be fine, only because they were found in time.

It s very possible this whole litter would have been lost had they not got them in here for care, said McAdoo.

Now the pups just need homes.

It s like five wiggly newborns, said Uticone.

If you d like to adopt the puppies or help out, reach out to Scout s Honor Rescue. Click here for more information.

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