FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas Sheriff s investigators are looking for two men who terrorized a family in the River Park West subdivision.

The family had just pulled into their driveway on Parsley Mist Lane when the men, armed with handguns, forced the victims inside the home.

They were hiding behind the bushes, waiting for them to come home, said neighbor Ihab Azam, who heard the victim s frightening story. When they opened the garage, they followed them inside.

It appears the suspects also tried to cut a cable to disable the family s burglar alarm system, but the plan didn t work.

The victims were able to activate a remote panic button, calling deputies for help.

When officers arrived, they saw the homeowners being held at gun point on the floor of their home.

A deputy ran to the back where he came into contact with one of the robbers. The man ran back through the house and both suspects ran out of the residence.

The robber s images were caught on the home s surveillance system.

The victims weren t hurt, but they were very shaken up. Neighbors say they are a nice family and don t know why they were targeted by criminals.

This is crazy, said Azam. There s crazy people everywhere I guess.

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