ARCOLA, Texas -- A southwest Houston woman wants everyone to be on guard after she says phony tow truck drivers stole her car.

Pamela Brading was working at a business in Arcola on Friday night when it happened.

Brading heard a loud engine running outside while she was in the office.

She went outside and was shocked to see her car being hooked up to what looked like a tow truck.

I said, 'Why are you taking my car? Where are you going with it? This is private property,' explained Pamela Brading. The more I would talk, the faster they were going, and they were totally ignoring me.

Brading said she repeatedly asked questions and never got a response from the two men.

They had some kind of light system that the passenger pulled out of his window as they re jumping out of here really fast, said Brading.

Her car was being towed toward Highway 6 in just a matter of minutes.

A frantic Brading dialed 911, and when Arcola Police arrived at the scene, she tried to explain what happened.

They said describe the vehicle, and I m describing it. They said that sounds like a repo truck, said Brading.

Brading believes there s no way her car was repossessed because she said the 1999 Toyota Camry is paid off.

Police said any legitimate tow truck or repo truck would ve reported it to the city or county, and that hasn t happened.

Brading is 100-percent convinced that the men stole her car.

She questions how many others have fallen victim.

What s the next thing? They re going to tow your car off with you in it, added Brading.

Arcola Police say this would be the first the small department has heard of a fake tow truck in the city.

According to Arcola Police, Fort Bend County Sherriff s Office has been notified to be on the lookout.

Brading s insurance company is paying for a rental car for the next 30 days, but she s doubtful she ll ever get her car back.

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