GALVESTON, Texas -- Galveston Police are investigating after a woman claims she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted late on Easter night into Monday.

It happened near Broadway and 39th.

The woman claims she was walking a co-worker home from a cookout. She says two men in a white Cadillac targeted her while she was on her way back home.

According to the woman, one of the men forced her into the car, and both men took her to League City.

The woman says she was sexually assaulted inside a home and held captive for hours.

They made sure the fear was there so she d be submissive, explained Michael, the victim s husband. She was crying out please, I need to go home to my kids. They said, fine, just go.

The woman called for help from a Waffle House in League City.

Her husband, who was working an overnight shift on the island, got the gut wrenching call from police.

I want so bad for some kind of vindication justice. I can t go out and do something myself, but if I do, I risk not being there for my kids, explained Michael.

Michael says he s been scouring the streets for information and searching for surveillance video of the car involved.

He questions if police are doing the same.

I m willing to do whatever it takes. Are they?, questioned Michael. They re telling me it s four to six months before they re going to get the results from the rape kit. In the meantime, there s not a lot they can do. I don t buy that.

Galveston Police told KHOU that the department cannot say much about the ongoing investigation because of its sensitive nature. A spokesman says the department takes every case very seriously.

According to police, the descriptions of the African American and Hispanic suspects are too vague to create sketches.

Michael s wife is now attending counseling and is already back to work.

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