SANANTONIO--Abie Kyle Ikhinmwin's cell phone video captured our audience s attention as the UTSA student challenged a police officer over the position of her wheel at a bus stop.

Now, Ikhinmwin's bike is back from the police property room, but it s no longer in show-room shape.

Ikhinmwin is a criminal justice major, who was ticketed for failing to provide identification to a police officer. Her video shows her at a bus stop with her bike, recording a police speed trap with her cell phone, when she said she was harassed by officers.

She claims police brutality.--.not just to her physically, but to her Cannondale, too. Her tire was sliced, her brakes broken, her spokes sprung.

So, when I'm riding, (the back tire) will pop out, said Ikhinmwin. Yesterday I had to pay $40 and take a cab to work, she added.

But Ikhinmwin said the damage wasn t from any bike ride, but came instead from the ride her bike took in the back of a squad car.

Ikhinmwin's story started when she began recording an SAPD speed trap along Highway 281.
Officers said her bike's location was a danger to traffic, so they asked her to move.

Ikhinmwin said she complied and brought her bike up into the grass of a VIA bus stop.
That s when her cell phone video ended up catching her own arrest.

Ikhinmwin said as officers dragged her off, another officer dragged-off her bike, purposely slamming it in the back hatch of the police car.

She said she saw them remove the wheels to make it fit and even got out of the car to deliver a few more good blows to it, before dropping her off at the county lock-up.

He went to the back, opened the hatch and started closing it on the bike, while I was sitting in the back seat, watching him. And I had to ask him to stop before he did, Ikhinmwin said.

Not only is her $1500 bike out of commission, Ikhinmwin was out of school for a week nursing her injuries.

She said she was forced to drop a class, thus delaying her graduation.

SAPD says they are investigating her case.

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