Johnny Manziel earned the nickname Johnny Football sometime coming out of high school. And while he s gotten adjusted to that, he told ESPN s Jon Gruden that it s gotten to the point where people don t seem to know his real name.

And I do like (the nickname), Manziel said. At the same time, it s really, it s almost I get people that come up to me that I don t even think they know my last name. They just know people call me Mr. Football.

Manziel was speaking to Gruden as part of the ESPN analyst s Quarterback Camp segment. He also addressed concerns that he partied too much and was too distracted during his time after winning the Heisman. Gruden specifically pointed to his appearances on Letterman and friendship with people like Drake and LeBron James.

I was asked to do a lot of things. I was asked to do certain things that some people weren t asked to do, Manziel said. My mom always told me There s a time and a place for everything. And during the spring and after the Heisman, when things happened so fast, I did too much. And I put too much on my own plate and didn t say no enough and should have said no more. And should have stayed in my realm and stayed in College Station and hung out.

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