Aside from selling long-time fan favorites such as Thin Mints and Samoas, the Girl Scouts cookie program has another goal: To teach girls and young women to become savvy business thinkers.

One 13-year-old Girl Scout is exemplifying that mission with her clever selling strategy: Pitching her cookie stand outside a medical marijuana dispensary.

The girl, Danielle Lei, set up the stand outside The Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, stocking her table with favorites such as Tagalongs and Samoas. She sold about 117 boxes in two hours.

Lei s mother told CBS station KPIX by phone that the location allowed her to talk to her daughter about the sensitive topic of drugs. Lei s local council, the Girl Scouts of Northern California, told Mashable that the organization was fine with the location.

They and their parents pick out places where they can make good sales, a council representative told the publication.

Lei s strong sales demonstrate her savvy in picking the creative location, especially given that the Girl Scouts of Northern California this year raised its cookie price this year to $5 a box, making it the most expensive Girl Scout cookies within mainland U.S.A.

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