HOUSTON In the middle of the rubble and construction cones is a makeshift memorial celebrating a man who lost his life at that very spot one week ago.

This is what we do. Light some incense, praying for him, said Du Nguyen, a close friend of Young Nhan Pham.

Nhan Pham, or Casper as he s known to his friends, is the second person killed in the last week in the Bellaire Boulevard and Gessner area. Pham was killed by a hit-and-run driver as he crossed the street near Redding and Bellaire last Sunday morning.

Pham was not using a crosswalk, and even so, his friends say he probably didn t see one.

People are not gonna know there s no light that there is an actual walkway back here, said Henry Dang, a close friend of Pham s.

Friends had been gathering all week at the memorial and noticed the traffic and congestion from the construction.

Once a crime scene, it is now a gathering spot for friends, to leave food, balloons and flowers for Pham. Friends believe Pham is a victim of the traffic congestion and confusion in the area.

The cars here drive crazy. They don t stop for anything, said Dang.

Meanwhile down the street, people dart and dodge the traffic and try and get where they need to go, knowing it s dangerous.

You got to hurry up and duck and run across the street, said pedestrian Raymond White.

Another pedestrian, living nearby, said he noticed that drivers don t stop at all crosswalks because their views are blocked by construction.

They should work on it quicker so that nobody dies, said Tanwir Khawaja.

For now, Pham s family and friends will continue to remember their friend on the side of the road and hope the person who hit and killed him will turn themselves in.

HPD is asking for the public s help in both hit and run incident. The driver that hit Pham is believed to have fled in a Toyota

And this morning s hit-and-run driver, which killed a 40-year-old man, is thought to have left in a Honda with a white bumper.

Calls were made to city of Houston and have not been returned.

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