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CHANNELVIEW, Texas Harris County investigators have arrested and charged a man with murder in connection with the death of a mother of three found dead on Wednesday.

Jerry Fain is accused of killing 33-year-old April Cobb, his girlfriend.

The victim s 12-year-old twin daughter walked into a bedroom around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday and found her mother dead inside a home on North Brentwood Street in Channelview.

The girls got the picture of her in their mind when they found her, said Hank Gundacker, the victim's father.

Why, why this would happen? asked the victim's mother. This happened on their birthday, so for the rest of their lives, their lives have changed forever.

Deputies said Cobb was in her underwear and had a black shirt stuffed in her mouth. She had been strangled to death.

The murder happened the same day Cobb was supposed to testify on behalf of her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Paul Reid. He s in jail accused of assaulting her.

But deputies say the evidence pointed toFain.

According to the police who investigated and questioned everybody, they said that she was arguing with somebody through texts messages and the last message she got was, I m coming for you, said Rhiannon Carabajal, a neighbor.

Relatives are heartbroken for the three girls who lost their mother.

I got to be blessed and treasured with my three granddaughters, said the victim's mother. My daughter won't get that experience because someone took her from us.

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