HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- As members of the Mexican media converged on the Walls Unit in Huntsville to document the planned execution of Edgar Tamayo, protestors gathered in front of the Mexican Consulate in Houston.

Today s execution is in violation of the law and in violation of all human decency, said one protestor.

How should we expect other countries to obey international law, if the Texas doesn t obey international law, said another protestor

It was January 1994. Tamayo was in the country illegally when he fatally shot HPD officer Guy Gaddis in the head from the back of a squad car using a pistol he somehow managed to hide. Twenty years later, Texas is going ahead with the execution despite concerns Tamayo s arrest violated an international treaty known as the Vienna convention. He wasn t notified of his right to contact the Mexican consulate. There is concern the execution could harm U.S. ties abroad.

Americans abroad are in danger of not having the due process of law in any country if their consulate is not notified they ve been detained, Said Euclides Del Moral Arbona of the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Tomayo seemed to be prepared.

He said he was ready to go. He says 20 years is too long. I m ready, and he shrugged his shoulders, said TDCJ spokesperson Jason Clark.

Tamayo s family visited him inside the unit...but will not be present for the execution. The family of officer Gaddis will. Several HPD officers drove up from Houston in a show of support.

We re happy it appears justice will be served, but when the family has to relive that night, it s not a joyous occasion, said Sgt. Ray Hunt, HPOU president.

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