HOUSTON The late Michael Brown amassed quite the arsenal, from handguns to high-powered rifles and shot guns. A total of 90 firearms along with 18 advanced scopes and racks of ammunition are now up for auction.

The items had once comprised the personal collection of Houston s infamous hand doctor, who made his fortune by developing a popular treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. He filed for bankruptcy in January of last year, several months before he died.

Brown was a common fixture on TV, but despite his efforts to portray himself as a family man, he was married four times and accused of assaulting his last two wives.

Brown also had trouble with drugs and his death was ultimately ruled a suicide.

At the time, his estimated debt was said to be $37 million. A glance through the auction area reveals Brown s obsession with animal skulls and skins. The lion, alligator and the bear stand out, but there s also an extensive collection of antlers and horns.

In his television spots, Brown never offered any hints of his somewhat eccentric pastimes.

There were no clues that in addition to being a doctor, he was a taxidermy hobbyist with a passion for weapons.

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