HOUSTON Some activist wants more Houston Police Department vehicles to have dashcams.

Right now, according to a Houston Chronicle report, only five percent of HPD cars have dashcams. The Dallas Police Department has dashcams in 55 percent of its fleet.

Some activists believe more cameras could keep more people safe. That s why community leaders took to Houston City Hall Tuesday afternoon.

But Ray Hunt with the Houston Police Officers Union says the lack of dashcams doesn t hinder officers from doing their jobs.

Last night there was a shooting that was nowhere near the car, a dashcam would have done nothing at all to capture any information there, he said.

He went on to say that in most questionable cases, video is available from other sources.

In the case of Chad Holley, the robbery suspect who was beaten by HPD officers, the video was not from a dashcam, but from nearby security cameras.

Recently, the department announced that 100 officers were equipped with body cameras and more could come.

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