PASADENA, Texas -- It s not Air Force One, but it will do, George P. Bush said with a laugh as he boarded a custom bus for a state-wide tour in his bid to become the next George Bush to put his stamp on Texas politics.

Bush, who announced his candidacy for Texas Land Commissioner last March, began his bus tour Tuesday in Pasadena at the South East Harris County Republican Headquarters.

Bush, 37, the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, nephew of Pres. George W. Bush, and grandson of Pres. George H.W. Bush, is a lawyer, Navy reservist, and real estate investor who said the decision to enter the family business was just a matter of time.

Well for me it was not a question of if it was really a question of when, Bush told KHOU 11 News.

I'm glad to see we're going to carry on the family tradition, said former State Sen. Mike Jackson as he introduced Bush to a small crowd at the Tuesday morning event.

Members of Bush s staff say the candidate plans more than 40 stops on his bus tour over the next month.

If Bush wins the Republican nod and wins in the general election it would be his first political office. But political experts say the Texas sky is the limit for the conservative son of a Hispanic mom and the carrier of that famous family name.

This is probably the youngest and most exciting Republican candidate the party has seen probably in about 30 years, said Rice University professor and KHOU Political Analyst Bob Stein. Not only a Hispanic surname candidate but somebody that can speak to the generation of all Texans coming up to be essentially the new electorate.

But Bush would not answer questions about his future political aspirations and if he plans to follow the path of his famous relatives.

It's not about my aspirations for public office it's about the values that Texans hold dear. So I have a lot of work ahead of me just to get to election day, said Bush.

What's important is that he is not making a run like Ted Cruz did for one of the highest offices you can run for in Texas, and that's the U.S. Senate. He's willing to say to the party I'm willing to pay my dues and work so to speak in the trenches, added Stein.

Bush is running against David Watts, an East Texas businessman in the 2014 Republican Primary. The winner will face Democrat and former El Paso mayor John Cook and Libertarian Steven Childs.

Current Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is running for Lt. Governor.

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