AUSTIN, Texas -- A new sculpture in northwest Austin is getting all kinds of attention. On Wednesday, homeowner and Longhorn fan Gabriel Trinidad watched as local chainsaw artist Doug Moreland turned what had been a dead tree into a work of art.

It s a more than seven foot tall tree carving of a hand in the Hook em, Horns gesture in a neighborhood off 183 and Oak Knoll Drive.

Moreland still has some work to do on the carving, but in such a short time it has already become a neighborhood sensation.

A friend of mine stopped by from down the street, he's an Aggie, and he said 'you know, we almost want our tree to die, cause I kind of want to have this on the other side, said Trinidad, making a thumbs up gig em gesture.

College rivalry aside, Trinidad says he has even bigger plans for the hand that's stopping traffic.

Lighting Inc. [Trinidad s company] is going to put in some LED lights that I can control from my phone, so when the Horns win, it's going to be burnt orange, Trinidad said.

So, the next time there's a UT victory, watch for both the UT Tower and Trinidad s tree to change colors.

To see the tree carving in person, here's a map to Trinidad's home:

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