HOUSTON -- The Star of Hope Mission is getting ready for a busy couple of days, cold temperatures are causing many of the city's homeless to flock to shelters.

Dozens slept on the floor Saturday night because the non-profit simply has no more space.

We are at capacity, we are busting at the seams, but on a cold night like tonight, we turn nobody away, said mission spokesman Scott Arthur. Star of Hope also handed out hundreds of blankets to homeless people who choose to stay on the street.

There's a couple thousand men and some women out there who no matter the extreme weather, they want to stay out there, they don't want to go to a shelter, said Arthur.

Waco Kidd is one such person -- he's spending Saturday night huddled under an overpass.

Mother Nature treats you better than the shelter does, said Kidd. Out in the weather you breathe fresh air, in the shelter you breathe everyone's air.

For people who have to work out in the weather, cold weather is more of an inconvenience.

Its Houston weather, one day it's is nice and warm, then it's cold, said construction worker Keith Moses. To keep warm, I keep moving.

The temperatures weren't near freezing, but the wind and damp conditions made the weather feel downright freezing. Many people busted out their winter coats for the first time this years.

I'm a Houston girl, I like my warm weather, said Stephanie Daley. I'm not super thrilled about it, but it's change, it's something different.

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