AUSTIN, Texas -- The Catch an Illegal Immigrant game scheduled for Wednesday on the University of Texas campus has been canceled, according to a statement released by Lorenzo Garcia, chairman of the UT chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT).

The game, organized by YCT UT, would allow students across campus to catch other students wearing the words illegal immigrant on their clothing and bringing them to UT's West Mall in exchange for a $25 gift card. According to the Facebook page, the game was intended to spark a campus-wide discussion about the issue of illegal immigration.

Garcia said the event was canceled due to group members' worries that the university will retaliate against them and that the protest against the event could create a safety issue for our volunteers.

Garcia also said that the idea for $25 gift card rewards was misguided and that the event was intentionally over-the-top in order to get attention for the subject.

He also said that he believes illegal immigration is a concern in the U.S. and that he hopes UT students begin to talk about the issue. Go here for Garcia's full statement.

On Monday night, students in University Leadership Initiative (ULI)met on campus to organize a protest of the event.

Raymond Jose works with United We Dream, a group helping the students plan. He is in the U.S. on a work permit.

My mom and dad, on the other hand. They could be taken away from me any day. That is a reality that I face, and I don't appreciate when someone makes it into a game, Jose said.

This is not a game. This is not a joke and it's something... it shouldn't be here on campus, added Rubia Espiricueta.

Espiricueta is an undocumented student who is legally enrolled at UT under a law created for students who were brought to Texas as children.

I'm a UT student. I'm a longhorn, and I deserve the same rights as the other students, she said.

University President Bill Powers released the following statement Monday:

The proposed YCT event is completely out of line with the values we espouse at The University of Texas at Austin. Our students, faculty and the entire university work hard both to promote diversity and engage in a respectful exchange of ideas. The Wednesday event does not reflect that approach or commitment. As Americans we should always visualize our Statue of Liberty and remember that our country was built on the strength of immigration. Our nation continues to grapple with difficult questions surrounding immigration. I ask YCT to be part of that discussion, but to find more productive and respectful ways to do so that do not demean their fellow students.

The event organizer, Lorenzo Garcia, worked for Republican Greg Abbott's campaign for governor until two months ago.Abbott's spokesperson released this statement:

Our campaign has no affiliation with this repugnant effort. Illegal immigration and the failed policies of the Obama Administration are not a joking matter. Conservatives should not stoop to the level of liberals, whose shenanigans at the Texas Capitol this summer, including chants of 'hail satan' during Senator Davis' filibuster to allow abortions after five months, did nothing but sidetrack the Texas Legislature.

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