HARRIS COUNTY Two trees clobbered a man s mobile home in northeast Harris County Thursday morning.

The 67-year-old inside was not hurt, but his heart is broken.

This tore my life apart and I don t have a place to go, said Gary Manley.

Retired and fighting heart disease, Manley said what happened to his home broke his heart.

I don t know if I m going to make it or not, he said.

He has no transportation, he lives here by himself, Joseph Jones, Manley s friend said.

Jones helped Manley move in with his five dogs five years ago. He also takes Manley to doctor appointments many mornings. This time, two old trees changed things.

I feel lucky (to be alive) but I m also mad too because they re not my trees, Manley said.

While he slept on his kitchen door, those trees from woods next door fell through Manley s roof into his bedroom.

A few miles away, another tree fell too. That tree hit a car and pick-up truck on FM 2100. Clean-up stalled traffic and forced people like James Jaster to sit in traffic for an hour.

I only live about a mile from here, just worked a 12-hour shift and I just want to go home and get some sleep, Jaster said.

Without getting wet, there is no place to sleep in Manley s home. He s not sure what to fix first because the worst part is in his heart.

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