AUSTIN, Texas -- The St. Austin Catholic Parish commissioned and blessed a new water fountain in downtown Austin on Sunday.

The new drinking spout on the southwest corner of Guadalupe and 21st streets will provide fresh water.

To collect donations for the project, the parish teamed up with a religious coalition called Micah 6, which is a network of religious groups at the University of Texas that work to provide necessities for homeless and needy people near the University of Texas campus.

Last year we were approached by our Micah 6 partners regarding the lack of drinkable water available to those along the drag, especially the homeless, said Father Chuck Kullmann, C.S.P., pastor of the St.Austin Catholic Parish. Itook this message to the members of our Pastorial Council, the parish as a whole, and today we see the results. This water source is a gift to all those who thirst from the parishoners of St.Austin's.

The church hopes that the water spigot will provide fresh water to homeless living on The Drag near UT who didn't have access to clean water previously.

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