LAPORTE, Texas -- The U.S.S. Texas just turned 100 years old and crews are fighting to preserve one of the most famous battleships in the world.

The workers from Taylor Marine Construction are working to fix the leaks on the ship and other repairs.

The corrosion and rust is a major problem too, and way below the deck, water is still seeping in through minor cracks.

The big project is to fix the structure, said Andy Smith, Battleship manager. You could think of that as the bones, trying to stabilize the spines, set those bones, what has come up over the last several weeks is we've had some bleeding. Some leaks.

The project costs more than $17 million. The money came from a bond issue approved by Texas voters.

Supporters said it needs a dry dock to be built on this site to periodically get it out of the water, to properly make repairs.

The Battleship Texas Foundation launched a campaign to raise $75 million hoping to keep this piece of history in ship shape .

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