HOUSTON An 18-wheeler driver who was the victim of a crime was charged after he chased down and shot a suspect, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Douglas Saintlouisdecided to sleep overnight in the cab of his rig, which was parked on Langham Way at W. Little York, because someone had slashed his tires the night before. He was asleep around 10 p.m. when he heard some noise and a hissing sound, then looked outside and saw and saw a man slicing his tires with a knife.

Saintlouis pulled out his concealed handgun and went to confront alleged tire slasher, who took off running.

The truck driver first fired a warning shot into the air, then chased the suspect and shot him in the rear end, deputies said. The injured suspect was transported to Ben Taub Hospital in stable condition.

Saintlouis, who thought he was merely defending his property, was charged with aggravated assault. Deputies said he made a mistake when he chased the suspect.

Several more big rigs parked along the street were also found to have slashed tires.

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