SPANISH FORK, Utah-- A Utah couple who lived 63 years together died within hours of each other last week.

The Deseret News reports that Jerry and Edith Dunn of Spanish Fork were born in 1931 and since high school rarely spent any time apart..

Jerry Dunn took a fall Tuesday and decided to throw in the sponge, his son said.

He told me, I just can t do anymore,' Donald Dunn said.

Jerrydied in his sleep that night. Edith Dunn took her last breath hours later.

Their mother s health hadtaken a turn for the worse and the childrenrecalled their father making a promise to her that he d never put her in a nursing home.

While, they probably coulld have used the help in the end, the two were able to live out their days together in the small, white wood-sided home where they had raised their family.

Seven grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, all of whom live in Utah, visited the home often, sometimes for Grandpa s scrambled eggs and Oreo milkshakes and other times for Grandma s cooking, which was remembered as slightly superior.

TheDunns, both 81, were buried in a simple graveside ceremony Friday. Jerry Dunn, a member of the American Legion, was given full military honors. The retired U.S. Postal Service mail carrier was a Korea and Vietnam war veteran.

Family members tell the newspaper that Jerry Dunn knew the end of his life was near, wasn t afraid of dying and went first to lead the way for his ailing wife.

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