PFLUGERVILLE, Texas -- Sixty million Americans suffer from problems with severe acne, and they're not just teens. Finding a treatment that works long-term has been difficult. Now, no matter your age or skin type, one product, the Isolaz treatment, claims it can deliver the results acne sufferers have been looking for.

Billy Marcus, 43, got a facial Tuesday, but not at a day spa. Instead, he was at the Pflugerville Dermatology and Aesthetic Center. Marcus got treatment for his recurring acne.

I've just been lucky, said Marcus. I've had it my whole life.

While he can joke about his lifelong battle with acne, Marcus says the lack of results from previous treatments and topical remedies is no laughing matter.

They work for a time, but for some reason my body's defense system seems to not allow it to work long term, said Marcus.

When they did work, they left Marcus with what he calls unintended consequences.

Instead of no acne I would have ultra, ultra dry skin, he said. It just really wasn't the results I was looking for.

Then Marcus heard about the Isolaz treatment that pairs the power of a vacuum with a broadband light.

It's like combining two different procedures in one and using it in a way that's never been used before, said Ted Lain, M.D., a board certified dermatologist. It's a very significant advancement.

Unlike traditional broadband laser treatments, which can be painful because of the energy necessary to kill the acne bacteria, the Isolaz vacuum tip pulls the skin closer to the laser source requiring less energy to get the same results and making it easier for the patient to tolerate.

In addition the Isolaz pulls what's in the pores out, so people get the same effect of a facial or a microdermabrasion in that respect, said Lain. It pulls out all the dead skin cells, the oil and the bacteria from the pores themselves.

Marcus has had eight Isolaz treatments. He says unlike other acne products or procedures, which may only last a short time, the Isolaz treatment lasts for months.

I think the last treatment I've had is four to five months, and there's still good results as you can tell, said Marcus.

The Isolaz does result in some minor bruising, but Lain says that usually clears up in three to four days. The procedure is not covered by insurance. Five-treatments cost $1,200.

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