HOUSTON -- Last year the Occupy Houston protests brought part of the city to a standstill, now we have learned there was an alleged plot at the time to shoot the leaders of the protest.

A local attorney claims the FBI knew about it. According to the Houston Chronicle a local attorney who represented members of the Occupy Houston movement recently received a document from a group. Those documents pointed to an alleged plot to shoot protestors in Houston last year.

We all remember the scene as hundreds of protestors camped downtown for months in Tranquility Park, in a movement for social and economic justice.

An attorney who represented some of the protestors has now posted a blog saying an unknown group planned to use sniper attacks to shoot Occupy Houston leaders.

Attorney Paul Kennedy also claims the FBI was notified of the plot.

The attorney said he knows all this because an organization obtained FBI documents through a Freedom of Information requests. The documents however are highly edited -- key pieces of information are blacked out.

The FBI responded to KHOU 11 News by email stating:

Rest assured if the FBI was aware of credible and specific information involving a murder plot, law enforcement would have responded with appropriate action.

The FBI spokeswoman did not have much to say beyond that.

The attorney who represented the Occupy Houston members said he has no idea how serious the alleged plot was, or who was behind it, but he feels the FBI is now trying to distance itself from the allegations.

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