HOUSTON -- Surprise over the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial varies by who you talk to.

Some people said they were deeply disturbed, while others said the jury simply followed the letter of the law. Here's what a few folks told us tonight around Houston:

Not surprised but when you give it to the jury it s like you know you have to decide on these technicalities of the law and I just didn t see it going any other way, so, Sam Dekins said.

Surprised by verdict, he should have stayed in his truck when the police told him don t get out of your truck, don t follow him, don t, you don t need to be doing that. And I think that kind of says it all. You don t need to be doing that, you know you watch the neighborhood, you call it in. That s far as you need to go. And I think what he did went way over the line, Kimberly Blithe said.

Surprised by verdict, I think you re going to have a lot of people that are upset. My heart goes out to his (Trayvon Martin) parents to lose a son so young for really just walking down the street with his hoodie on. And I think society judges a lot of black young boys as being dangerous, drug dealing and they stereotype black people, Kirsty Young said.

An emotional subject we will likely be discussing for days, weeks -- even years to come.

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