MISSOURI CITY, Texas -- Moments before a deadly crash in Missouri City, a car was seen moving an estimated 100 miles per hour.

Police tell KHOU 11 News the car was seen weaving in and out of traffic before causing the crash on Highway 90 near Beltway 8.

Leslie Fernandez said two cars zoomed past her.

I was scared and I just made sure that I wasn't anywhere around them, Fernandez said. I just let them go ahead.

Fernandez was on her way home from work and said the cars kept switching lanes.

Seconds later she saw a puff of smoke and mangled vehicles.

Missouri City investigators said the speeding driver was driving westbound on Highway 90 and crossed into oncoming traffic and hit two other cars.

Karambir Chahal of Houston was in one of them and was killed.

His family told KHOU 11 News, the 29-year-old marketing executive had recently married and was on his way home from work where he had just earned a promotion.

He was described as the world s greatest brother.

Janice Bennett uses the road everyday and wonders if concrete barriers are needed to make the road safer.

The medians are kind of hard to see, Bennett said.

Police told us crossover accidents haven't been a problem here and that the lack of barriers hasn't been an issue.

The dividers wouldn't keep drivers from racing and killing innocent people.

They would offer a little peace of mind for those who use this road every day

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