HOUSTON Light Rail service was reduced to one track for both directions in midtown following an incident involving a new train, officials said.

Crews were testing a new train near the McGowen Station early Monday morning when it somehow snagged a power line for the rail system, knocking it down. No passengers were onboard, and no injuries were reported, but the outage caused delays in the area.

Rail service at the station was reduced from one train every 6 minutes to every 12 minutes. Extra buses were called in to help passengers get around the station.

It s estimated about 35,000 passengers use the rail every morning.

It s a major inconvenience, Trey Bowers, a Metro rider, said. That throws off my whole entire day. What am I going to tell my boss?

METRO indicated the rail service should be restored early afternoon Monday. Until then, bus shuttles will continue running every 10 to 15 minutes to help with delays caused by the damaged power wire.

Now I m going to have to wait an extra 10 or 15 minutes and I ll probably be late for work, Bowers added.

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