HOUSTON -- AnupscaleHouston restaurant has been threatened with a lawsuit if it doesn't change the name of its Double-Double hamburgers.

The Underbelly Restaurant, located on Westheimer, received a letter from In-N-Out Burgers explaining it had trademarked the name Double-Double.

The burger chainordered Underbelly to stop using it.

Underbelly s Executive Chef and Owner Chris Shepherd said he s neverbeen to anIn-N-Out.

I thought it was pretty funny, Shepherd said.

So he decided to change the name of the burger to the Cease and Desist, in reference to the lawsuit threat.

I understand. We have things we don't want people using too, Shepherd said. I didn't know the words would be trademarked.

The Cease and Desist is made with double meat and double cheese.

It s great, juicy, full-flavored and the cheese is excellent and it s the right proportion, said diner Rob Walker.

The chef often changes the names of the burgers, depending on how they are made in order to keep the menu fresh.

He s not sure how long he ll keep the Cease and Desist burger on his menu, but they are sellinglike hotcakes.

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