HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Deputies say a gunman opened fire on a store manager inside a northwest Harris County store on Sunday night, but thanks to bulletproof glass no injuries were reported.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. at the Antoine Express corner store on Antoine near Veterans Memorial Drive, according to deputies.

Witnesses said the shooter appeared to be a customer who was holding up the line at the clerk s window. The store manager said that the man was trying to buy beer with pocket change.

Five, ten cents, a nickel, like that, Ali Nizr, store manager, said.

Nizr asked the customer to step aside for other customers, and that s when the suspect started to verbally assault the man.

I said, please check behind you, we have a lot of customers, and then he started talking bad and started to fire, Nizr said.

The store manager closed the window as the gunman fired three shots into the glass and fled the scene. The bullets did not make it through the glass.

A description of the shooter was not immediately available.

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